What Are Some Courses Offered by San Diego State University?


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As of 2015, courses listed at San Diego State University include Aerospace Flight Mechanics, Introduction to Systems Engineering, Fundamentals of Finance, Business Strategy, and Crime and Behavior. General fields of study include Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics, Aerospace Studies, Criminal Justice, Comparative International Studies, and Dual Language and English Learner Education.

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The Aerospace Flight Mechanics class teaches two-body orbital mechanics with a focus on geocentric orbits and interplanetary transfers. Students use computers for class assignments. As of 2015, this course requires Aerospace Engineering 220 or Mechanical Engineering 220 and Aerospace Engineering 280 as prerequisites. Introduction to Systems Engineering gives students a foundational understanding of the field, with focuses on cost analysis, system design processes, designs for operational feasibility and management.

Fundamentals of Finance examines internal finance management, capital cost, financing business ventures, international finance and dividend policy. Business Strategy provides a modern look at analyzing environments and industries, organizing analyses, and formulating and implementing business strategies. The course studies management from the perspective of the business manager. As of 2015, Business Administration 624, 625, 626, 627, 628 and 629 are prerequisites for the course.

Crime and Behavior seeks both evaluations of criminal behavior and how these influence criminal justice. Students also examine major discipline models.

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