What Are Some of the Courses Offered at Monmouth University?

What Are Some of the Courses Offered at Monmouth University?

Monmouth University offers courses on art appreciation, basic design and digital photography. The school also offers drawing, painting, sculpture and history of Western art courses.

Art appreciation courses at Monmouth University provide an overview of the evolution of art cross-culturally. They emphasize the basic elements of art and the significance of art in political, social and religious contexts. Basic design and composition courses go over the elementary aspects of color and the organization of shapes and marks on flat surfaces.

Digital photography courses discuss light and lens. They introduce students to concepts pertaining to black-and-white photography. Students learn printing techniques and explore various photographic formats. The courses also cover color photography and elementary video. Courses on the history of photography discuss the role of photography in cultural contexts.

Drawing courses covers the basic elements of drawing including mass, lines, value and space. They help students enhance their understanding of light, proportion, space and form. They also introduce students to a variety of drawing techniques and materials.

Painting courses discuss techniques to facilitate expression in oil paintings. Sculpture courses go over molding from life, clay modeling and basic casting procedures. History of Western art courses cover the most important periods and styles in Western art and architecture. Students who take ceramics courses learn how to work with clay as a material for creating functional and sculptural 3-D forms. The courses cover basic firing and glazing methods.