What Courses Are Offered by Grand Canyon University for Online Studies?

What Courses Are Offered by Grand Canyon University for Online Studies?

Grand Canyon University offers more than 100 degree programs in four major areas of study to its online students. Those major areas are business, nursing and health, liberal arts, and education.

Grand Canyon University's online offerings include graduate as well as undergraduate programs. Online college programs offer convenience to students by eliminating or minimizing the need to visit campus. They also allow students to study at their own pace and on their own schedule. Grand Canyon University's online college also provides students with the option to earn their degree at an accelerated pace. Single courses are also offered to those who are not seeking a degree.

Grand Canyon University is a fully accredited private college that was founded in 1949. Its campus is located in Phoenix, Arizona. It employs four pillars to student development. Academic advancement, the first pillar, emphasizes mental and academic fitness. The curriculum emphasizes the development of job skills that make students more employable upon receiving their degree.

The second pillar, Christian camaraderie, emphasizes the school's interdenominational Christian foundation. Extracurricular excellence is the school's commitment to providing quality sports programs and other activities for students outside the classroom.

Wellness and well-being, the final pillar, encourages students to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle while studying at the university.