What Courses Are Needed to Become a Speech Pathologist?

What Courses Are Needed to Become a Speech Pathologist?

Courses on general phonetics, hearing science and language development are needed to become a speech pathologist. Courses on language disorders, audiology and anatomy of the speech mechanism are also required.

Courses on phonetics cover the fundamental elements of speech perception. They also go over the process by which babies gain competence at producing the sounds of their first language. Courses on hearing science focus on the basic elements of hearing and how attention affects hearing. Language development courses provide an overview of the phenomena of language acquisition. The courses cover the acquisition of syntax, phonology and morphology.

Courses on language disorders discuss the nature and development of communication disorders. They cover voice disorders, language delay and stuttering. Introductory audiology courses introduce the anatomy, function and physiology of the auditory system. They focus on cognitive functions and other central auditory nervous system processes that matter most to audiologists and speech pathologists. The courses help students understand diagnosis of auditory pathology.

Courses on anatomy of the speech mechanism cover the fundamentals of the function and structure of the neuromuscular mechanism required for verbal language. The courses cover various topics including the nervous system, articulation and respiration.

American Sign Language courses and English interpreting courses provide an introduction to the area of interpreting, its codes of ethics and a number of approaches to the process of interpreting. Students learn the complex processing required for providing a nuanced interpretation through learning a special form of text analysis.