What Courses Do You Need to Take to Get an Accounting Diploma?

The courses required to obtain a degree in accounting vary based on the specific requirements of each individual university program. Some common subjects studied by accounting majors include fundamental accounting principles, tax accounting, auditing and general business courses.

Accounting courses cover industry standards, fundamental techniques and principles, and applications of accounting. Typically, students start off with courses in basic accounting principles and then build on their knowledge with more advanced topics, such as courses that focus on sophisticated financial modeling or business tax law. Since accounting is a quantitatively rigorous field, many accounting classes have pre-requisites that include advanced math courses such as calculus.

Accounting majors also typically take courses in related subjects, such as accounting, statistics and finance. General business courses may include courses in business ethics, international business, management principles, marketing and business operations.

These courses provide accounting majors with a general foundation in business practices. Accounting majors must also complete general degree requirements, such as general education requirements and meeting a minimum number of credits.

Many accounting programs offer a five-year track that allows students to obtain a master’s degree after an additional year of school. Accounting programs are generally designed to prepare students to become Certified Personal Accountants, though these certifications require additional exams.