What Courses Are Being Offered at Middleton College?


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No courses are offered at Middleton College, because it is a fictional institution. Two different fictional universes depict a Middleton College: the romantic comedy film "At Middleton" and the animated television show "Daria." There is no real school named Middleton College.

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In "At Middleton," Middleton College is represented by two real colleges in Washington: Gonzaga University and Washington State University. Both of these schools are used as filming locations. The film focuses on the parents of two students, rather than the student life or courses offered at the fictional school.

"Daria" features a liberal arts college called Middleton College. It is portrayed as an undesirable school with poor academics and a bad reputation. In the show, the school does not have a course selection to list; it has abolished all requirements and allows students to study anything they want.

A similarly-named school called Midleton College exists in Cork, Ireland. It uses the British definition of college, making it the equivalent of an American middle and high school. Another school with a similar name is Harrison Middleton University, which is a liberal arts school located in Tempe, Arizona. Harrison Middleton University is not a regionally-accredited university, and only offers its degree programs online.

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