What Courses Are Available at the Wright State University?

As of 2016, available courses from Wright State University include Accounting Principles I and II, Business and Career Opportunities, Independent Study in International Business, Fundamentals of Music Theory and Topics in Science and Mathematics. Additional courses include Vocal Technique and Diction, Intermediate Accounting I and International Business and Trade.

Accounting Principles I and II are both lecture-style courses that each grant three credit hours upon successful completion. Both courses teach students how to prepare financial statements, understand reporting requirements for assessments, analyze transactions' effects and record processes. Business and Career Opportunities is a one-credit lecture class that introduces job opportunities for those with undergraduate degrees in business. Students also learn how to prepare for careers in business.

Independent Study in International Business offers students independent study in an approved topic in international business. Fundamentals of Music Theory is for the beginner musician, and presents fundamental topics such as reading music and basic music notation. Topics in Science and Mathematics is another independent study pathway that enables students to pursue personal studies in biology, chemistry, physics or another science branch.

International Business and Trade looks at the history and current practice of global business, and Vocal Technique and Diction covers vocal technique, terminology and anatomy.