What Courses Are Available at Eastern Michigan University?

What Courses Are Available at Eastern Michigan University?

Eastern Michigan University offers liberal arts, fine arts, business, education and technology courses. The university also has health and human services courses. Eastern offers courses at the bachelor's, master's and doctorate levels.

Standard general education courses are available at Eastern's College of Arts & Sciences, including English, biology, history and psychology. Some upper-level undergraduate courses are Social and Cultural Change, Cognitive Neuroscience and Women in Art.

Art courses fall into the categories of art education, art history and art studio. Art history courses such as Baroque Art and surveys of Western and non-Western art are part of the curriculum. Studio offerings include several levels of drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and graphic design.

Business students can take accounting, finance, management and marketing courses and gain experience from internships. Dietetics, nursing and counseling courses are part of the health and human services programs.

Eastern's technology programs include computer science; simulations, animation and gaming; and technology management, with courses such as Programming Data Structures, Scientific Simulation and Introduction to Entrepreneurship.

Less common programs that Eastern offers include aviation technology, children's literature, construction management, historic preservation and quality technology. Representative courses for each of these are Private Pilot Certification, Surveying, Jewish Children's and Adolescent Literature, Historic Preservation Field Project and Cooperative Education in Quality Technology, respectively.