What Are Some Counseling Courses?

Some examples of counseling courses include child and adolescent counseling, counseling theory, counseling ethical issues, marriage and family counseling, testing and career counseling. Counseling courses are very common at the graduate school level, with some of the schools offering them including Geneva College in Pennsylvania, LaSalle University in Pennsylvania and Barry University in Florida.

Child and adolescent counseling courses often focus on providing services to kids in schools as well as in counselors' offices. Topics might include disabilities, child abuse, teenage pregnancy, learning disabilities and health disorders. Career counseling courses might also focus on helping adolescents figure out their career paths and education needs, although these courses also provide information on helping adults with things such as job placement and career development.

Counseling theory courses provide a broad overview of the counseling process including theories on effective counseling and how counseling sessions should take place. Courses exploring the ethical issues of counseling, on the other hand, discuss the legalities involved and how counselors should handle patient information, practice moral principles in the field and act professionally.

Marriage and family counseling courses may look at the difficulties families face and how to help families function smoothly and handle crises. Ways to assess couples and families and determine appropriate interventions are usually also discussed.

Finally, courses in testing teach how to create assessments to diagnose issues patients face. Some examples of tests covered can include intelligence, personality and screening tests.