How Do You Correctly Cite a Magazine Article?


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Gather the following information about the article: author's name(s), the article title, the name of the magazine, the complete date of publication and page number. In addition, be prepared to cit the publication medium, such as print for a physical magazine or Web for an online version.

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Find out which format your professor or the publication you're writing for requires. Some journals require Modern Language Association format, while others prefer that of the American Psychological Association.

If you are using MLA format, which is common in many liberal arts disciplines such as history and literature, begin by writing the author's last name, adding a comma and then the first name, followed by a period. Place the title of the article in title case inside quotation marks with a period at the end. Add the name of the magazine in italics. Follow this with the publication date in this format: 15 Dec. 2015. Write a colon after the year, and indicate the page numbers on which the article appears, followed by a period. Add "Print" with a period at the end if you used a paper magazine.

APA format, generally used in the social sciences, has slightly different formatting requirements that include the same information. The author's name appears as last name and first initial, followed by the year and month of publication in parentheses. Write the name of the article in sentence case and without quotation marks. Follow this with the name of the magazine in title case and italics. Finish this with the page numbers on which the article appears.

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