What Is the Correct Way to Make a Circle Venn Diagram?

What Is the Correct Way to Make a Circle Venn Diagram?

The correct way to make a circle Venn diagram is to draw a series of overlapping circles, with the items contained in both circles included in the overlapping section of the circles. Venn diagrams are used to display set and logical relationships between several different groups.

Use the following steps to construct a Venn diagram, based on using the example of classifying a mole, swan, cat, skunk, goose, platypus, worm and horse into different groups.

  1. Classify items into groups
  2. Decide on the classifications that will be used. For example, two animal classifications are "furry" and "duck-billed." Place mole, skunk, cat, horse and platypus in "furry." Swan, goose and platypus belong in "duck-billed," while worm does not belong in either group.

  3. Draw the "universe"
  4. Start by drawing a rectangle to represent the universe in which the different groups reside, for example, animals.

  5. Draw the circles
  6. Draw several circles to represent the different classifications, including any overlap if needed. For example, since platypus is found in both groups, have the two circles overlap.

  7. Populate the circles
  8. Add the different items into the circles based on their characteristics. Add those that are in more than one classification, such as platypus, in the section that overlaps. Any items that are not described by the circles are written outside the circles, but within the rectangle. For example, "worm" is not furry or duck-billed, but is an animal.