What Are Some Correct Pronunciations for Biblical Words?


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The pronunciation of Biblical words depends on which book, which source, and the origin of the language. The most common words are in Ancient Hebrew and Aramaic in the Old Testament, and Greek in the New Testament.

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The dictionary on BetterDaysAreComing.com provides multiple pronunciations for major Biblical words and names listed. Included are Abednego, an individual in the book of Daniel, pronounced "uh-BED-nih-goh", and synagogue, a Jewish place of worship, pronounced SIN-uh-gog. What counts as correct pronunciation depends on the audience the speaker addresses. Some individuals are not familiar with the academically correct pronunciation of Biblical words, while a meeting of Biblical scholars would likely demand original pronunciation, true to the phonology of the language of origin.

The Biblical dictionary provided gives all listed words a Biblical source including chapter and verse, if one is available. The website gives definitions below some words, as well as synonyms and related concepts. Some words are not strictly Biblical, but relate to religion, and often to the Christian religion in particular. Arabic, for example, is not a language used in the Christian Bible. Despite this, the site provides the correct pronunciation for the Arabic "as-salaam alaikum" as a contrast or comparison to the Hebrew "shalom aleichem," both meaning "peace be with you."

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