What Is the Correct Pronunciation of the Word "pronounce"?


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The word "pronounce" is properly pronounced as "pro-NOUNCE". The first syllable, "pro", rhymes with "throw", and is pronounced softly. The second syllable, "NOUNCE", rhymes with "bounce", and is capitalized, as it is the syllable spoken with emphasis.

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While the answer provides the proper pronunciation of "pronounce", in casual speech one will often hear alternatives to this pronunciation: "pro" may be pronounced either with a short "i" (i.e. "prih-NOUNCE"), or with a short "e" (i.e. "preh-NOUNCE").

Pronounce means "to make the sound of (a word or letter) with your voice", and derives from the Latin pronuntiare (the suffix "pro-" meaning "forth" and nuntiare "to report").

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