What Is the Correct Format for a Thank-You Letter?

The correct format for a thank you letter includes a salutation to the recipient, an opening sentence expressing thanks, body paragraphs detailing the impact of the gesture or gift and how it will be used, a concluding sentence offering thanks and a signature of the sender. Thank you letters can be handwritten on blank note cards or stationary or typed in block letter format without indentations for each paragraph.

When writing a professional thank you letter, the language should be professional and address the recipient as sir, madam, Ms., Mrs., Mr. or Dr. The writing should be free of grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors and should offer clear and cohesive sentence structure. Thank you notes should show enthusiasm for the gift, gesture or reward provided and detail specifics about the gift itself instead of using general language that would apply to a large group of people and gifts.

The thank you letter should be dated and mailed or emailed promptly. A thank you letter for a job interview should be sent within 24 hours. Provide a return address on the letter or envelope in case the recipient wants to respond, and include a phone number or email address especially when sending thank you letters to prospective employers following an interview.