What Is the Cornerstone Christian Academy Diploma Test?

The Cornerstone Christian Academy Diploma Test is a test offered by Cornerstone Christian Academy for a fee to discern if a student is eligible for a high school diploma from the school. The test consists of five sections covering language arts, social studies, science, writing skills and mathematics. The school issues diplomas to students if they pass all the exams with scores of 70 percent or higher as of 2015.

Cornerstone Christian Academy requires a student to have a proctor 21 years or older to monitor while he is taking the diploma test. If the student fails one or more of the sections in the exam, the school sends him review materials to prepare for a retake. Students can retake the test as soon as they feel ready. Retaking the test multiple times is permissible.

Although Cornerstone Christian Academy has accreditation from the Accrediting Commission International, the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. military do not recognize the organization. Many organizations do not accept Cornerstone's diplomas as proof of high school graduation. This includes the military, and many colleges and universities. The federal government does not consider a Cornerstone Christian Academy diploma as adequate proof that a student will benefit from college for the purpose of applying for federal financial aid.