How Do You Take Cornell Notes?

How Do You Take Cornell Notes?

Take Cornell notes by dividing your paper into three sections: a strip of six lines at the bottom and two columns above. Take notes in the right column during class. After class, pull out key points into the left column, and summarize the material in the bottom section.

  1. Divide your paper into three sections

    With a black marker, make a line straight across the paper about six spaces up from the bottom to mark off the bottom section. Divide the top part of the paper into a narrow left column and a wider right column.

  2. Add a heading

    Note the course name, the date and the main topic of the lecture at the top of the page.

  3. Take notes

    During class, take notes in the large right-hand column. Paraphrase the material, and use abbreviations to minimize your writing. Skip spaces between ideas.

  4. Review your notes

    As soon as possible after class, review your notes. In the left column, write key words, dates, names and headings for important ideas. Draw lines to connect related topics in the right column to key words or headings in the left column.

  5. Summarize

    At the bottom of the page, write a one-paragraph summary of the material presented in the class. Make sure to cover every main idea presented in the lecture.