How Do You Get a Copy of Your Middle School Yearbook?


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To find a copy of a middle school yearbook, first check websites like Classmates, Our Class Reunion and Old Yearbooks to see if the yearbook in question is available. If not, visit the library closest to the school district about which the yearbook was published. If that library is not local, reach out to a former classmate to see if they still have their middle school yearbook.

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Websites that sell old yearbooks need particular information to determine whether or not the desired yearbook is in their database. Enter the state in which the school was located, its name and the school year of the yearbook. If a copy is available, the website directs you to a point of purchase and pricing information.

Libraries in the school district often keep copies of past yearbooks, but if the public library does not, try the library located in the middle school. Contact the middle school librarian to see if they have the yearbook in question.

Reaching out to former classmates can prove problematic, as they are often scattered across the country. Try using social media to locate them; Facebook and LinkedIn are efficient ways to track down friends from middle school and contact them without being too invasive.

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