What Is Coordinate Plane Graph Paper?


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Coordinate plane graph paper is standard graph paper or paper imprinted with horizontal and vertical lines at equal intervals to form a grid that generally depicts four quadrants. The horizontal and vertical axes of the grid represents possible values for variables labeled x and y.

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The horizontal axis normally represents values for x, and the vertical axis represents values for y. These values are referred to as coordinates and may include positive and negative values. The graph paper can be drawn to contain grids of various scales. A common practice is for 1/4-inch squares or points. The quadrants represent the possible positive and negative values of the x and y coordinates. Each point in the upper right quadrant represents positive values for both x and y coordinates. The lower right quadrant plots positive x values and negative y values. The upper left quadrant represents negative x values and positive y values, and the lower left quadrant plots negative x and y values.

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