What Are Some Cool Science Fair Project Ideas?


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Making a big dry ice bubble and making a cloud in a bottle are examples of science fair project ideas. Other projects include figuring out how to keep a falling egg from breaking and learning where ocean currents come from.

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Making a dry ice bubble teaches students about chemical properties in solid and gas forms. The project also introduces students to the uses of dry ice. The materials necessary for the project include a large bowl, a strip of cloth-like material, a soapy mixture for making bubbles and dry ice. Instructions for the project include placing the dry ice in the bowl, adding water and soaking the material in the mixture while running it around the lip of the bowl.

Making a cloud in a bottle educates students on the composition and formation of clouds. The project requires a plastic water bottle with a sports cap, warm water and matches. Instructions for the project include pouring water into the bottle, lighting the match and squeezing the bottle to form the clouds.

Keeping a falling egg from breaking teaches students about inertia and the laws of gravity. The project's material requirements include a partially inflated plastic bag, foam rubber, Styrofoam and a small trampoline. Instructions for the experiment include designing and analyzing different cushioning systems for the protection of the egg.

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