What Are Some Cool Reading Games for Kids?


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Some cool reading games for kids are "Stay Afloat," "Spelling Bee" and "Maze Mania." These are free, online reading games that teach basic reading and spelling skills to kids.

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What Are Some Cool Reading Games for Kids?
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"Stay Afloat" is a reading game that is similar to "Hangman." The computer tells the player the type of word and how many letters are in it. The player guesses a letter in that word. It appears if it is a correct letter. If it isn't in the word, an object is put in the boat. The more incorrect guesses the player makes, the more the boat sinks.

"Spelling Bee" is a simple spelling and reading game for young children. The player must create short words with letters given.

In "Maze Mania," WordGirl is trying to prevent a bank robbery from happening. A word is given and the player must guide her through the maze with similar words.

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