What Are Some Cool Math Games for Kids in First Through Third Grade?


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Some cool math games for kids in first through third grade include Primary Krypto, Blast Off! from Fun Brain and Papa's Pizzeria from Hooda Math. These games allow young students to play while practicing with number operation, place value and basic addition and subtraction skills.

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The game Primary Krypto uses simple rules to teach problem-solving using math. Students combine five number cards using an arithmetic operation to achieve a target number. Students drag-and-drop numbered cards on the video screen game board and then choose a mathematical operation to perform. Students play by making decisions to click one of three buttons that provides a new set of cards or a new target number and finds a solution to the puzzle to win.

The objective of another math game, Blast Off!, is to have students move from one planet to the next as they explore the galaxy in the game. The challenge of the game is for students to use arithmetic to move from one plant level to the next. Students move to subsequent levels and different planets only after answering three correct mathematical equations.

In the animated math game Papa's Pizzeria, young students simulate working in a pizza restaurant and use math skills to make and deliver pizzas. Students take food orders from customers, bake virtual pizzas, correctly cut the pizza according to the order and then deliver the finished pizzas to customers.

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