What Are Some Cool Grandfather Names?


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Some cool grandfather names to consider are Ace, Babar, Rocky, Pepe and Papi. Other names for a grandfather are Odie, Wampa, Grampsy, Granpup and Puppy. More ideas include Huggy, UmPaPa, Dadsy and Bubba. Grandparents can come up with their own variation of the traditional Grandpa or Granddad as well, but a grandparent's nickname is not always predetermined. Sometimes, unique grandfather or grandmother names come from the grandchild's inability to properly pronounce traditional names, and the name stick throughout their lives.

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What Are Some Cool Grandfather Names?
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When coming up with a grandparent name, there are a few things to consider. If the name is going to be used by a young child, it should be easy to pronounce and be tailored to the child's specific speech abilities. It should also be less than three syllables, preferably one or two, to make it easier for the child to say. A common practice is to use the version of the word Grandfather or Grandmother in other languages, usually specific to a family's heritage. Some examples of Grandfather in other languages are the French Pépère, the German Opa and the Russian Dedushka.

Usually the grandparent's nickname differs from their own parents or grandparent's name, but sometimes the older name is used as a family tradition and a dedication to the older generation. There are plenty of online resources available for finding traditional, playful or trendy grandparent names, such as Grandparents.com. Choosing the name for a grandchild to call their grandfather is an important decision that typically lasts their whole life, and potentially affects future generations.

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