What Are Some Cool Baby Boy Names?


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Some cool names for baby boys are Xander, Jax, Zane, Miles, Quincy, Finnian, Wolf, Coltrane, Sayer and Reno, states Name Berry. Examples of inspirations for cool baby boy names include artists, such as Ansel and Valentino, ancient civilization rulers, such as Octavius and Marcus, or colors, such as Red and Steel.

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What Are Some Cool Baby Boy Names?
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One inspiration for cool baby boy names are the letters "X" and "Z," notes Fit Pregnancy and Name Berry. For example, Phoenix debuted as a name for boys in 1995. It is taken from the name of the mythological bird that rose form ashes. Another name is Axel, which is a Danish name that means "father of peace." As of 2015, Axel is rising in popularity in the United States. Parents who like the letter "Z" can consider Zane, which is the Hebrew form of John and means "gift from God." Other cool names include Zander, Maddox and Blaze.

Another theme to consider for cool names is mythology, states Parents Magazine. One example is Odin, which is the Norse god of victory and the dead. Ajax is a mythological name that has the letter "X." This name comes from a major warrior in "The Iliad." Another name is Finn, which comes from the Irish mythological hero Fionn mac Cumhaill. Other cool names from mythology are Dylan, Ares and Osiris.

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