What Are Some Cool Art Ideas for Teenagers?

What Are Some Cool Art Ideas for Teenagers?

Some art ideas for teenagers include painting monograms, creating a modroc sculpture, button art and flower origami. Teens can also create wall paintings or make intricate drawings of creatures such as butterflies.

To create monogram art, teens can begin by finding an interesting material. Thinner material works well, as the teens trace a letter that they have printed in a chosen font onto the material. After tracing the letter with a black pen, teens then paint in the letter with acrylic paint. To create more texture and depth, they can paint on a second coat with a darker color.

Teens can use modroc, also known as a plaster impregnated bandage, to create a sculpture of their choosing. The modroc starts out dry and is then dipped into water for molding. It is often formed over an already created armature.

To create button art, teens gather a variety of buttons and glue them onto cardboard or wood. They can choose from many patterns, including trees, clouds, flowers or birds.

There are many patterns for origami art. Teens can use the small square paper to create full flowers or individual petals to build more intricate patterns. Using these origami squares, teens can create a kusudama paper ball, a Japanese item traditionally used for incense or potpourri. This project involves folding 60 individual squares in a pattern and then attaching them together to make the full ball.