What are some controversial topics for debate?


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Some examples of controversial debate topics include abortion, the use of torture, the death penalty and foreign policy/the role of America in the world, among others. Topics that prompt emotional responses generally make for the best debate subjects because there is a high likelihood that the debaters are emotionally invested in the discussion on one side or the other. Consequently, good debate topics generally fall into one of two categories: political or religious.

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Regardless of a debater's religious association or political orientation, these characteristics tend to be opinion-defining. It is important to note that just because two individuals share either the same religion or the same political viewpoint does not mean that they agree on the issue. Even individuals who share both of these occasionally disagree due to innate perspectives based on their origin and upbringing.

Good debate topics are those that are either religiously or politically charged. Excellent debate topics, however, are those that are both. Perhaps the best example is abortion. Both sides of the aisle in the political world have very strong opinions about the practice of abortion, and religious communities (and atheist and agnostic communities, for that matter) often are even more passionate in their condemnation or support.

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