What Are Some Controversial Research Paper Topics?


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Some controversial research paper topics are animal experimentation, assisted suicide, privacy rights, profiling and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A controversial issue is one that society is currently debating. It may be a social, political or ethical topic.

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Animal experimentation proponents argue that the benefits of animal research outweigh the sacrifices of the research animals. Opponents feel that the benefits do not justify the cruelty of making animals ill or killing them. As with most controversial topics, the issue has nuances regarding whether certain circumstances are important enough to justify the experimentation, such as testing a potentially lifesaving drug.

Assisted suicide is currently illegal almost everywhere in the United States as of 2015, and suicide is forbidden by many religions. The argument here is that when a person has intractable pain or is greatly disabled or terminally ill, assisted suicide may be a merciful release from suffering.

The controversy over an individual's right to privacy weighs that right against the U.S. government's right to information to protect the country against terrorism. It also covers the privacy rights of public personalities, such as politicians and celebrities, versus the public's right to know what's happening.

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