How Do You Find Free Continuing Education Courses?

Some ways to find free continuing education courses include checking with government department websites, looking on university websites and checking with websites dedicated to a specific career such as nursing. Free continuing education courses are often entirely online, and they may lead to continuing education units that employers and organizations sometimes require for employees.

Government department websites sometimes offer free continuing education courses for individuals working in a certain field such as medicine or environmental health. For example, the California Department of Public Health offers occupational and environmental health courses that lead to continuing education units, take one hour to complete each and can help satisfy certification maintenance requirements for certain professionals.

Checking local university college and university websites is another way to find free continuing education courses for a variety of careers. For example, the University of Washington has a partnership with the Canvas Network and is able to offer free online continuing education courses as of 2015. In addition, there are other online education platforms with free courses, such as edX and Coursera, and university websites may provide links to similar sites to take courses. However, it is important to verify whether these courses lead to actual continuing education units if they are needed for employment.

Finally, checking career-specific websites, such as, can be helpful for finding free courses that lead to contact hours for continuing education. For example, has several health, nutrition and exercise courses for a variety of contact hours as of 2015.