What Is a Consent Letter Format?

A consent letter format allows one person to give permission to another person in regards to his or her child, participation in an educational research study, possessions or other items and situations. There is no letter format specifically for consent letters, though there are recommendations in regards to the writing of various types of consent letters.

For all letters, it is recommended that they be written in a professional and formal manner, as well as in first person. Each letter should be signed by the person who is giving consent to the other person or party. This signature will act as a legalization of the consent. It is recommended that consent letters for children traveling internationally should also be certified by an official, such as a notary public or a lawyer.

For educational research studies, it is recommended that the letter (also known as a form) be written at the reading grade level of 11.5, according to the Flesch-Kincaid Scale, so that it is accessible to people of varying educational backgrounds. These consent forms should be written detailing the study and its risks, discomforts, university and departmental affiliation, possible benefits and what information will be used. People who decide to sign the consent form and take the study need to know what it is that they have agreed to share with the researchers.