What Are the Cons of Homework?

Two identified cons of homework include the monopolization of student time and the creation of the need for students to cheat. Depending on home lives, it can be difficult for children to dedicate time to daily homework assignments.

Homework can help students develop further knowledge about a subject. It can give them an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and provide a chance to practice difficult concepts. However, it does have some downsides.

When students have several hours of homework to complete, they do not have the opportunity to expand their horizons and learn other essential skills. It limits their time to learn new things, such as how to play music or real-world budgeting and cooking techniques.

Too large of a focus on homework can also be debilitating to students that don't have support at home. The inability to complete homework at home can cause them to fall behind in coursework and fail to achieve the same grades as their peers.