What Is Connexus Academy?

What Is Connexus Academy?

Connexus Academy is the former name of Connections Academy. Connections Academy is a free form of public school that is largely conducted online. As of March 2015, it is available in 27 states.

Students at Connections Academy can attend from home or from another location outside of a traditional school setting. It is considered a form of homeschooling, as parents are key to the experience. Most Connections Academy locations offer kindergarten through grade 12, but availability varies by location.

Though students do not have to physically attend classes, Connections Academy has offices in 27 states from which the programs are based. These offices are generally approved by or in partnership with a local school board. The program is also accredited by AdvancED.

Exact requirements vary by locality, but at minimum, students must provide proof that their family resides in the state of enrollment. Students must be no older than five to enroll in kindergarten and no older than six to enroll in first grade.

The Connections Academy program is free, and all necessary books and materials are mailed to the homes of students at no cost. The only costs are for optional field trips organized by the local school office.