How Do You Connect Nine Dots With Four Straight Lines by Going Through Each Dot Only Once?


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The nine-dot puzzle is a creative thinking exercise. Use a pencil to strike through each dot only once, using four lines to create a final image that resembles an upward and left pointing arrow. It is important to realise that certain lines must extend beyond the grid of dots, otherwise the angles do not work for this puzzle./

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  1. Draw nine dots

    Draw nine dots on a piece of paper. Make three rows of three dots each.

  2. Start at the bottom

    Draw your first line. Start by placing your pencil on the dot in the bottom right corner. Draw a line diagonally to the dot in the upper left corner.

  3. Connect the top line

    Start at the dot in the upper left corner, and draw a horizontal line to the right. Draw through the dot in the upper right corner. Stop your line just past the dot.

  4. Draw the third line

    Begin a new line from where you just stopped. Draw a diagonal line, moving downward to connect the dot in the middle of the last column and the middle of the bottom row. Stop the line under the dot in the bottom left corner.

  5. Draw the final line

    Start the final line from where you stopped in the previous step. Draw a vertical line, moving upwards to connect the final three dots in the first column. The completed drawing looks like an arrow pointing up and to the left.

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