How Do You Confirm Your Initials?


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Individuals can confirm their initials by obtaining a birth certificate from the county and state in which they were born. Birth certificates provide the legal full, middle and last name given at birth, as well as information about legal parents, date and time of birth, and the location where the birth took place.

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Many states have centralized the process of obtaining a birth certificate and compiled the documents in a statewide electronic system. Birth records are typically house in the Office of Vital Records in the state where the birth took place.

Individuals can compare the initials on the birth certificate with other vital documents such as a Social Security card, driver's license, passport or state-issued identification card. Discrepancies that exist with initials on legal paperwork can be corrected to reflect the legal initials on the birth certificate by contacting the officiating office, such as the Social Security Administration or the Department of Motor Vehicles. Applicants must provide an official birth certificate to make changes to erroneous initials on identification.

It is often necessary to confirm initials when completing employment paperwork, applying for new identification materials, or compiling government paperwork online, such as financial aid filing for admission into a higher-education institution.

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