What Is a "conclusion Sentence"?

A "conclusion sentence" is a sentence at the end of an essay that must tie together the essay and reaffirm the author’s argument. Before the author arrives at the conclusion sentence, the essay needs to begin with an introduction, include body paragraphs with supporting evidence, and then lead to a solid conclusion with the conclusion sentence at the very end.

The writer can use a conclusion sentence at the end of every paragraph to link one paragraph to the next. Not all paragraphs need to have conclusion sentences, but they can be used when appropriate. Conclusion sentences serve important roles in paragraph writing. They help to summarize the point the writer has made, they repeat words or phrases from the topic sentence, and they use linking words indicating certain conclusions have been drawn.

Writing a detailed conclusion is important in any type of essay. It restates the main idea of the essay or thesis statement. It also provides a summary of the three sub-points of the essay while leaving readers with an interesting final impression of everything they just read. The point of the conclusion isn’t to introduce new ideas, but it’s the last chance to leave an impression on the readers.