What Are Some Concepts to Teach in Ninth Grade English?

concepts-teach-ninth-grade-english Credit: Don Mason/Blend Images/Getty Images

Ninth grade English should serve as an introduction to the more advanced linguistic concepts taught in high school. This means that students should receive an introduction to complicated ideas to help their writing, comprehension and analysis skills.

Most state standards provide a broad explanation of the skills needed by the end of ninth grade. Typically, these skills relate to oral communication, reading, writing and research. Orally, students should spend the year working in both small collaborative groups and in large group settings. The small group setting teaches students how to work with others to achieve a specific goal, while the large group setting gives students the opportunity to speak in front of large groups of people.

For reading, students should begin reading longer, more complicated works of prose and poetry. One of the more common literary works in ninth grade is "Romeo and Juliet." This text gives students the chance to decipher Shakespeare's complex linguistic structure, which includes extensive metaphor, parallel structure, irony and theme. For writing, students need to delve into the three major types of writing: narrative, expository and persuasive.

Students should also begin to learn style guidelines, such as APA and MLA. For research, students should work on answering academic questions through research papers, which includes proper citations, annotations and quoting. In addition to these four skills, students should continuously work on their academic vocabulary and grammar skills.