What Concepts Do Math Magician Games for Kids Teach?


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Math Magician Games for kids teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Kids can choose the concept they want to work on by clicking on the relevant button, then choosing the level at which they want to work.

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What Concepts Do Math Magician Games for Kids Teach?
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Oswego City School District offers Math Magician Games for kids on its website. Kids can choose to work on a very particular skill, such as multiplying by three, or they can choose to answer questions on a range of topics. Clicking Math Magic on the Math Magician Games home page allows players to play games that combine questions involving several operations.

Each Math Magician game requires the player to answer a fixed number of questions in a limited time. The general Math Magician games require players to answer 100 questions in five minutes, whereas the games that are focused on one particular operation, such as addition or subtraction, require players to answer 20 questions in one minute.

Once a child has answered all the questions in a Math Magician game, the site shows the child's score on the screen, as well as the time that the child took to complete the game. The child has the option to print a certificate showing the result as a celebration of the achievement.

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