What Are Some Concepts Covered in First Grade Textbooks?

In first grade, students learn basic scientific concepts, such as scientific investigation, scientific reasoning and scientific logic as well as reading skills, writing skills and basic math addiction and subtraction, notes Scholastic. Each school follows its own curriculum based on the state guidelines.

First grade is a time when subjects are just being introduced to students. In science, teachers want to encourage students to experiment and to learn about the human body, animals, the ocean, measurements and electricity. Teachers will also spend time teaching students about the differences between gases, liquids and solids, notes Scholastic. Math is also introduced in first grade with teachers focusing on the numbers 1 through 20. Students will earn how to add, subtract and solve simple word problems, reports Scholastic.

Students will also learn how to form letters and learn how to spell words as they practice their writing skills. They will also learn how to start forming sentences and telling stories, both of which lead to greater writing skills. Teachers will also work to build student's reading skills by helping them learn to recognize one-syllable sight words and by helping them learn about words with irregular spellings as well as how to recognize sentences with capitalizations and ending punctuations. During first grade, students will spend a lot of time learning how to read as this is the most important time for students to learn how to read. In later grades, students will need to build upon their reading skills and will begin reading more and more as they make their way through a myriad of subjects.