How Do You Concentrate?


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The keys to concentration are to reduce nearby distractions, stay hydrated and fed, encourage positive thinking, manage time wisely and determine what kind of learner you are. The ideal environment for concentration allows for few interruptions.

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Choose a noise-free area and silence your cell phone. If friends or co-workers are nearby, communicate your need for privacy in order to concentrate. Maintaining a high-functioning blood sugar level improves focus, so stay hydrated and eat complex carbohydrates and protein like whole grain bread and peanut butter.

The need for intense concentration can sometimes trigger anxiety, so counteract negative thoughts with positive thinking. To reduce nerves and stay on task, develop a timeline for your goals in order to manage time wisely. Create a list to keep you on track, and check tasks off as you go. Develop a mantra to repeat in order to stay on task.

Determine what kind of learner you are in order to find the best method of concentration. If you learn best with sound, wear headphones playing your preferred musician or composer. If you are a visual learner, incorporate visual components to help you focus. If you learn best through touch, seek concentration with a hands-on approach.

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