Is Computer Science a Good Major?


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Computer science is a major that rewards a difficult course of study with excellent pay and ample job opportunities. As of May 2014, computer science majors had an average starting salary of nearly $60,000. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also expects computer science jobs to increase faster than average.

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Computer science is considered a difficult major. The coursework is heavily dependent on mathematics. Many colleges require math courses more advanced than calculus, including differential equations. This major may require more homework than other majors. In order to be successful as a computer science major, the ability to work well on group projects is necessary. Additional coursework may include computer programming, data structures and programming logic.

While computer science is a difficult major, it offers many challenging career opportunities. Jobs that a computer scientist is well qualified for include software engineer, programmer, designer, system architect or information technology. The fields that are open to computer scientists offer the opportunity to make an excellent living.

Finally, computer science is a good major because it offers the opportunity to create something new. Computer science is at the heart of many new technologies, offering someone with that degree the chance to be involved in developing the cutting edge of technology.

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