What Computer Classes Are Available at the Library?


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The types of computer classes offered at a public library vary based on the locality but generally include a range of topics such as courses on computer usage and maintenance for beginners, introductory use of different spreadsheet or word processing programs, and courses on using different photo editing software. However, as of October 2015, each library system develops its own curriculum and determines computer class offerings at various branches.

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Computer classes available from the New York Public Library system include Mac Computers for Beginners, Computer Safety and Maintenance, Computer Basics and Teach Yourself: Computer Self-Study. In introductory and computer basics classes, students learn how to use different features and how to protect computers from viruses. These courses also teach the processes required to perform regular maintenance functions that keep a computer functioning and running smoothly.

The NYPL system also offers self-study courses that allow library members access to free computer tutorials online. These tutorial classes offer the opportunity to learn computer programs and concepts at an individual pace. These online computer courses include topics such as word processing and general Internet use.

The District of Columbia Public Library System offers free computer workshop classes that address computer skills often needed in a modern workplace. These workshops include topics such as using email, accessing the Internet and using social media. Library customers are encouraged to repeat the workshop several times at each level to strengthen skills.

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