What Are Some Compound Words for Kids to Learn?


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Some compound words for early elementary students to learn include doghouse, keyboard, notebook, firefly, baseball, softball, blueberry, cobweb, doorbell, jellybean, inside, mailbox, pancake, popcorn, rainbow, seatbelt, runway, tiptoe, waterfall and zigzag. Educational websites have compiled lists of words for students to learn. Flash cards and online games are also available to help facilitate memory retention of fun terms. Compound words are typically introduced in the first grade.

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Several exercises help kids learn compound words. Flash cards put two smaller terms together to make new words as students attempt to connect sounds together. Line-draw exercises match one concept with another across the page. Other exercises take compound words and ask students to break them apart into their base components. More advanced activities show children how to add their own terms to the end of one word to make a new item.

The three types of compound words for elementary school children to learn are closed form, hyphenated form and open form compounds. Closed form compound words are two smaller words placed directly together, such as rainbow and baseball. Hyphenated form compound words are small words connected by a hyphen, such as in-law and six-year-old. Open form compound words include two words that, when combined, constitute a new meaning, such as post office.

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