How Do You Compose an Occasion Speech About Youth Day for a Church Function?

To compose an occasion speech about Youth Day for a church function, first research and plan the speech, then write and practice the speech. Needed materials include a computer or tablet with an Internet connection, and estimated completion time is 60 minutes.

  1. Research and plan the speech

    Think through the purpose of the speech and the intended audience before beginning to research. Identify the most important message to convey. While researching, make notes about important information that fits with the overall message of the speech. Create an outline with the major points of the speech.

  2. Write the speech

    For each major point listed in the outline, create several paragraphs. These become the body of the speech. Try to write in a way that sounds natural when spoken. If possible, include a personal anecdote related to Youth Day. Create an introduction that states the primary message and the objectives of the speech. Write a conclusion that summarizes the speech, restates the main point and adds personal feeling to the topic.

  3. Practice the speech

    Read the speech out loud, stopping to revise any wording that sounds awkward. Ensure that the length of the speech matches the time for speaking, and revise as necessary. Practice several more times, until the speech can be delivered without reading it.