What Are Some Components of Reading Logs for Elementary School Students?


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Reading logs generally contain columns for students to record what books they've read, how long they've read and how many pages they've completed on a given day. The log might also have a place for them to write a response to what they've read and for a parent to sign.

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Depending on their grade level, students might be asked to draw a picture of a character or a memorable scene from the book. Some teachers also try to keep reading log assignments interesting by asking students whether they would recommend the book to a friend or having them write a letter to one of the characters in the book.

In some classrooms, students have the flexibility to design their own reading logs and can either create one on the computer or make one by hand. Some teachers also choose to use the honor system with their students, and instead of requiring a minimum number of minutes each day and parent signatures, they simply ask students to read each night at home.

Some logs are collected weekly, and others are due at the end of the month. Some teachers also use reading logs to ask students to reflect on how many books and how much time they've read and to set goals for the future.

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