How Do You Complete Mensa Practice IQ Tests?

How Do You Complete Mensa Practice IQ Tests?

Individuals can take the Mensa Workout quiz at no charge on the Mensa International website, or they may complete a Mensa practice test for a fee through the American Mensa site. Sample test questions are also available on various websites, such as and

Scoring well on a practice test does not qualify a person for Mensa membership. Practice tests are for entertainment purposes only, but provide an accurate idea of what a person is likely to score on the Mensa admissions test.

Interested individuals may purchase access to the American Mensa practice test by visiting the website. Test-takers must live in the United States and be at least 14 years old to complete the exam.

Individuals who want to become a member of Mensa America must submit qualifying test scores from approved tests, such as the Stanford Binet IQ test, the GMAT and the Cognitive Abilities Test, or they can take the admissions test through a local American Mensa chapter.

The two-hour test consists of two sections and evaluates the test-taker's logic skills, as well as deductive reasoning abilities. Those who earn a score at the 98th percentile or higher on either part of the exam receive invitations to become Mensa members.