What Does CompassLearning Odyssey Teach Students?

What Does CompassLearning Odyssey Teach Students?

CompassLearning Odyssey is designed to teach students math and language skills using a software-based teaching format, and it specifically highlights the National Reading Panel's essential areas: comprehension, vocabulary, phonics, phonemic awareness and fluency. The Odyssey program itself is very modifiable, meaning it can be tweaked to match any individual student's learning needs.

The Odyssey software is prescriptive in nature. This means that once students have taken a state standard approved diagnostic test, the software can then present the best way for them to improve upon their weaker areas.

The software itself presents learning materials in a module format. Each module is animated and interactive, and designed to be appropriate for the age group and learning level.

The Odyssey program also comes with Odyssey Writer Tool. This device presents students with writing tasks (which come as standard, although teachers are able to fully modify the prompts and tasks), as well as offering access to the Odyssey Community forums, where teachers and students can interact and discuss problems or questions.

CompassLearning offers training to teachers that want to employ the Odyssey software but are unsure how to get the full potential out of the system. Given the highly configurable nature of the software, teachers can get the most benefits when they are familiar with the inner workings of the system.