What Is the CompassLearning Odyssey Program?

CompassLearning Odyssey is a student-paced online curriculum that teachers and homeschooling parents can use to teach core and elective subjects to preschool through eighth grade students. The program focuses on including interactive activities to help students learn, and it uses a diagnostic assessment to determine the student's skills level and customize the curriculum to fit individual needs. Language arts, science, social studies and math training modules are included, and the skills are designed to align with national standards, such as the Common Core.

CompassLearning Odyssey comes with lesson plans that incorporate multimedia instruction with activities and quizzes. It can serve as the sole curriculum for home-schooled students, while teachers can also use it as a supplement to traditional instruction. In addition to core subjects, students can study foreign languages, take electives suited to their interests and enroll in advanced placement courses.

Students using the program are able to work on materials for grade levels below or above their own, which means that advanced students can also study at their own pace. It also has an automated grading system, portfolio management tool and online rewards system. The program runs entirely in a Web browser, so educators and parents don't have to install any additional software. Furthermore, CompassLearning Odyssey requires no contract, and single and group licenses are available.