What Companies Provide Online Courses for Russian?

Some online courses for Russian include RussianForFree.com and Study-Languages-Online.com. At RussianForFree.com, site visitors can access courses that range from basic beginner's instruction to a medium-level course that focuses on command of the language.

The beginner course consists of seven lessons that use audio clips and that students can learn over two to four days. The lessons include the alphabet, practice pronunciation and first sentences as well as a lesson summary. The beginner/intermediate course consists of 14 lessons with audio that are students can learn over 28 days.

Lessons feature present tense, the use of formal and informal “you,” verb conjugation, pronouns and past tense. Students can learn intermediate to advanced lessons over 22 to 33 days. These lessons include the accusative of nouns and adjectives, genitive of nouns and adjectives and dative of nouns and adjectives. The lessons are free and the entire course is designed for complete beginners.

At Study-Languages-Online.com, site visitors can access free lessons that cover the basics of the Russian language, including basic vocabulary and grammar. The course also helps users to learn correct pronunciation. Lessons include greetings and farewells, introducing yourself, professions, and language skills. Each lesson features basic listening and repeating of sentences with tips on what to listen for and pay attention to during a lesson. This site also hosts a test at the end of each lesson to assess learned language skills.