What Companies Offer Online Math Learning for Kids?


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A few companies that offer online math learning for kids are DreamBox Learning, TenMarks and SmartTutor. Most of these programs assess students before beginning the program to ensure proper placement, and all assess after or during each lesson.

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What Companies Offer Online Math Learning for Kids?
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DreamBox Learning helps students in Kindergarten through eighth grade establish the mathematical foundations needed for deeper understanding of complicated topics. Instead of showing the child an equation and quizzing on that information, the program uses virtual manipulatives to teach children the core concepts of how different equations work. They might use virtual base-10 blocks to learn place value or use a virtual tens-frame and counters to learn how to add to 10.

TenMarks, by the Amazon company, is an online math program for students in first through 12th grades. The instruction phase measures students' understanding of concepts by making them show the answer using reasoning skills, and the reinforce phase offers video lessons to allow students to brush up on mastered topics and learn what they haven't mastered.

SmartTutor offers animated online math lessons for students in Kindergarten through fifth grade. These lessons use colorful animations and interesting characters, such as apes and monkeys, to instruct younger students on math topics such as number sense, measurement, algebraic thinking and data analysis. Teachers and parents can opt to start students with an assessment to determine proper placement or can choose the lessons for the students.

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