What Are Some Community Colleges in Pennsylvania?

Community College of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Highlands Community College and Luzerne County Community College are some of the public community colleges in Pennsylvania. Community College of Philadelphia was founded in 1964, while Luzerne County Community College was founded in 1966 and Pennsylvania Highlands Community College was founded in 1993.

Community College of Philadelphia includes four campuses. Student enrollment at this college is more than 34,000, as of 2015. The college offers over 70 programs in business, natural sciences, soft sciences and technology, as well as health, humanities and liberal arts. Completion of some coursework earns students a certificate, but most programs net graduates an associate degree.

Luzern County Community College has just over 6,000 students enrolled in credit courses and more than 5,000 students in non-credit enrollment, as of 2015. In addition to its main campus in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania, the institution has four other campuses for students to attend. In addition to 10 career training programs, Luzern students can study 25 liberal arts transfer programs and 84 occupational programs. Completing coursework at this college earns students a diploma, certificate or associate degree.

Pennsylvania Highlands Community College offers diploma, certificate and associate degree programs on five campuses. In addition to business, education and health, students can study engineering, math and technology. This college also offers humanities, liberal arts, and natural and soft science programs, as well as communication media arts.