What Are Some Community Colleges in Florida?

What Are Some Community Colleges in Florida?

Community colleges in Florida include Florida Keys Community College and Hillsborough Community College. Tallahassee Community College and North Florida Community College are two other community colleges in this state.

Florida Keys Community College in Key West offers certificate and associate degree programs. The programs include computer and marine science and a limited Allied Health and Nursing program. The college accepts applications throughout the school terms from prospective students with high school diplomas. Students interested in non-credit courses can take courses online or in the classroom.

Hillsborough Community College in Tampa has associate degree programs in arts and science. The college also offers a variety of technical programs, such as Engineering and Manufacturing. It has a Health Sciences department that provides programs in Nursing and Nuclear Medicine. Students have the option of studying online through the Distance Learning service, and the college’s facilities are accessible to those with disabilities.

Associate degree programs provided by Tallahassee Community College include Advanced Manufacturing and Graphic Design Technology. Certificate programs from the college include Office Administration and Network Services Technology programs. Tallahassee also offers Workforce Development programs designed to hone employees’ skills and provides customized training options for companies that want business classes.

Besides providing certificate and associate degree programs, North Florida Community College in Madison has a Public Safety Academy that provides firefighter courses and Emergency Medical Services programs. The college also offers XCEL-IT programs that focus on skills for the workforce environment.