What Is a Communications Merit Badge?

What Is a Communications Merit Badge?

The merit badge for communication is a Boy Scout award granted to a scout who has completed a multistep communication challenge. The challenge or process consists of nine steps, some of which allow the participant choices between different options. The tasks involved are as diverse as giving speeches, researching communications-related careers and keeping records of daily activities.

The first step offers four choices: the scout can keep a log of daily communication activities, a journal of three days worth of listening activities, get friends to share personal stories in group form or make a list of all forms of communication they can think of. The second phase requires either self-description in artistic form (such as pictures or autobiography) or creating a business plan for a favorite commercial product.

The third task is a five-minute speech given a group. Steps four and five require the scout to interview someone they know or admire and attend a public meeting or debate where contending perspectives on an issue are offered, followed by a written report.

Step six involves developing a plan of how to teach something to someone else. The seventh task involves the choice between writing an editorial to the head of a periodical, crafting a blog on a subject of interest or using desktop publishing to produce a newsletter, brochure or similar document.

Step eight demands that the scout organize an event (a court of honor, campfire program or interfaith service) and then act as master of ceremonies. The ninth and final step towards earning the badge is to research three careers in communications, investigate one thoroughly and then present it to the counselor describing what attracts the scout to that particular line of work.